If its meat we stock it!

Our range of meat changes from time-to-time as we look for the best quality to offer you. We make our own sausages and a selection of beef, lamb and pork burgers. We can also provide marinated meats including steaks, kebabs, chicken thighs, ribs and chops. You can also buy in bulk, perfect for filling the freezer.

We source locally where possible and can offer a full range of Halal meat.

Chicken & Turkey – English and EU based farms

We stock chickens that are grain-fed, free from antibiotic growth Hormones and red tractor certified.

Beef – English/Scottish

Our Beef is hand-selected and 21-28 day hung for taste and tenderness. We also stock English beef, ensuring the best eating quality we can provide.

Pork – English

Our Pork is handpicked to ensure just the right amount of fat to give the best taste and the most succulent pork around. We can also offer whole and half pigs for hog roasts.

Lamb – English/Welsh

We can source lamb that is always of the highest quality and expertly cut to give the taste and consistency that our customers expect.

Exotic Meats

We can also source an extensive range of Exotic Meats from South Africa and Australia such as Ostrich, Kangaroo, Zebra and Camel, these meats are Prime Cuts of Rump or Fillet.

Game & Venison

We can supply a full selection of quality game and venison products, dependent on seasonality. They offer a delicious alternative to more common options like chicken and beef and include:


  • Pheasant
  • Partridge
  • Pigeon
  • Grouse
  • Rabbit
  • Hare


  • Whole Deer
  • Haunch
  • Whole Saddle
  • Venison Cutlets
  • Saddle Eye Fillet
  • Saddle Eye Under Fillet
  • Venison Steaks
  • Stewing Venison
  • Minced Venison
  • Venison Burger